Workwear trousers – apache and dewalt

Purchasing proper gear for your workforce is essential. That is something we strongly believe in here at dragracing spots. Come prepared or don’t come at all. Your employees need the right tools to do the job and that includes clothing.

Workwear trousers are the corner stone of that clothing. Our mechanics are on their knees changing tires most of the day. They need quality products or we will just be buying them over and over again.  Apache work trousers are currently our go to product.

There are many places you can get these but we would like to recommend local company DBWorkWear. They have been great with us. They embroider our logo on all our orders so we look the part.

They are also the cheapest we have found for apache clothing so it makes sense to go to them. We work on a tight budget so saving on our overheads is essential. Combine that with their great service and we cannot say more nice things about them!



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