Spray paint aerosols ral pantone and the rest

If it isn’t already obvious we are into cars on this website! We love driving them, racing them and working on them. One thing we always get asked is about our striking paint work on our cars. There is only one way to paint a car and that is with┬áspray paint aerosols.

Now if you are repairing or maintaining a regular car you will be looking for a specific colour code that matches your vehicle. We don’t have that issue as we completely respray our cars from top to bottom. Because of this we can pick from ral paints and pantone spray paints. Ral and pantone offer the widest range of colours you can imagine and the colours pop! They last ages, don’t fade and they just look amazing on a car.

Now you need to know what you are doing when you spray paint a car so we recommend watching the video here before you start going crazy with your new paints. Make sure you get a mask because these things are really bad for your lungs.

As you can see there is a bit more involved that you first might think, but it is nothing you cannot do yourself with patience and determination.

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