Darlington accountants north east finances and tax exemptions

Darlington accountants services are a fantastic way to impress your tax man. http://www.accountants-northeast.co.uk/ make it easy to pick a financial expert. It takes the bother out of scouring endless websites. They list them all with review so you can easily pick the one that is for you. Here at Drag racing Spots we like to focus on cars not money so we get the experts in to sort that out.

Speaking of cars that is how we came across this company. Their director paid us a visit and asked us to add a sound system to his car. Not our usual line of work but we were only to happy to help. Having a local accountant on our side can only be a good thing so we did him proud.

We stripped out his factroy fitted system and fitted the latest Bose speakers with a Bose head unit. The six speakers offer a surround sound type experience and it’s pretty much the best you can get in a normal car without ripping out all the panels and wires. The owner was thrilled with the result. We couldn’t talk him into getting a sub woofer in the boot but maybe he will come around 😉

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